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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Marijuana Cards: Your Essential Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

What is MMJ?
MMJ is an acronym for Medical Marijuana. Marijuana is actually a derogatory slang term for Cannabis. Click here to read a NIH review.
What is the CCC?
The CCC is the Cannabis Control Commission. These are the folks who regulate and maintain everything Cannabis in Massachusetts. They are who actually issue MMJ cards.
What is the difference between a certification and a registration?
These are the 2 parts to a MMJ card. You MUST have both for an active card. One reflects the medical recommendation the other reflects the acceptance by the CCC into the MMJ program.
What is a MMJ certification?
This is actually a recommendation by a Medical Marijuana Certifying Provider who certifies to the Cannabis Control Commission that one is eligible for a MMJ card. This is usually completed first. It must be renewed annually and its date IS NOT what is listed on the MMJ card. To renew yours now, click here.
What is a MMJ registration?
This is a part completed through the CCC portal. It is essentially the identification card itself; the MMJ card. Its expiration date is typically DIFFERENT than the certification expiration date. (Which tends to be very annoying for patients.)
What is the CCC portal and do I need one?
The portal is where individuals gain access to the Medical Use Of Marijuana Online System. And YES, it is required for anyone with a MMJ card. This is where registrations are completed. It’s how the card itself is issued.
I went to renew my registration but didn’t get a new card?
It could be that your medical certification is due to be renewed. Click here to book now. or you have other parts of the registration process that need attention. Check your CCC portal for more information.
What is a Self Service appointment for MMJ
This service includes the medical consultation and the MMJ certification. In order to receive a MMJ card, patients must complete a registration via the CCC portal and then a temporary pass may be printed.
What is a Full Service appointment for MMJ?
This service includes the medical consultation, the MMJ certification, and the MMJ registration. The CCC portal will be created or updated on the patient’s behalf. Patients will receive a copy of their temporary MMJ card at the end of the medical visit. No extra steps for patients.
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