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Our origins

Russell Healthcare Consulting, LLC and FlowerMedical were founded by Kristen Russell in 2022. By this time, Kristen had been a Nurse Practitioner for over a decade. She started out in primary care then went into emergency medicine and ultimately landed in surgery. It became more and more clear how important alternative therapies are for patients. In 2020, NP Russell became a Medical Marijuana Certifying Provider while continuing her work in the hospital and operating room. Her goal with cannabis consulting was to provide alternative support methods to her patients.

Another common thread among patients is ever present: the need for continuity of care. Patients often feel like a number rather than a person thus essentially unheard. So many medical providers are burnt out in a job; rather than feeling grateful to provide care. This leads to patients avoiding care, feeling reluctant to be open and true about their needs and desires. It is reasonable for patients to be weary, fearing judgements, or plain ol’ insincerity from their overworked medical providers. This traditional medical model is broken. Kristen has worked very hard to make sure her patients feel validated and safe. This connection is the most important part of the care she provides. She is also a firm believer is self-care. Her mantra is for alternative therapies in a comprehensive contiguous care model.

FlowerMedical offers a sincere service to patients who use Medical Marijuana. Many MMJ card companies consist of just another retired doc trying to capitalize on the cannabis industry or brand new NP with no experience in the healthcare. When a person chooses FlowerMedical, they will receive a consistent Medical Marijuana Certifying Provider who is honest, caring, and experienced. With NP Russell, patients feel heard, respected, and connected. FlowerMedical is still offering Medical Marijuana certifications new patients as well as concierge medical services upon request.

When NP Russell started Russell Healthcare Consulting, the plan was to offer continuity of care to patients searching for some consistency. Since its conception, patients have shown an overwhelming desire to share with their friends and family. By keeping services simple and true, RHC has been able to maintain a like-minded vibe throughout its group. In this, RHC is now able to share the Field of Flower Friends. In this Field, you will find complimentary groups, services, and products that we believe have value. Russell Healthcare Consulting is not just FlowerMedical handing out med cards, it’s a growing community, built on sincere relationships. We are people looking for an alternative way of being well through self care and caring for each other.

Today we live in a world of “Sickcare” rather than “Healthcare”. Patients are often left scrambling to find a PCP or just opt to go to the local urgent care. These options are neither safe nor sustainable. Using a patient guided approach, Russell Healthcare Consulting (RHC) has begun to offer concierge medicine to patients interested in a personalized approach to their healthcare. RHC’s new service plans offer individualized ways of guiding patients on how to best care for themselves at their own pace. If you are goal-oriented and want to improve yourself with Russell Healthcare Consulting services, please click here request a free consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to review this missive. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. You can connect with us social or drop an email.